Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) Service Providers

AlphaOracle.ioAlphaOracle aggregates signals from high volume exchanges across the globe to provide a realistic, median price. This allows us to get prices in USDC, USDT, and other USD stablecoin denominations.United StatesAlphaOracle
Bitrue.comAs part of our continued support of the Flare ecosystem, we are today announcing that we will act as a Data Provider to Flare. We are very honored to be the first exchange to make such an announcement, as it is part of our core ethos to give back to the communities and projects that are working alongside us to advance the cryptocurrency industry.North AmericaBitrue
Coming soonFlareFTSO.comFTSO data aggregation experts we work 24 x 7 so you don't have to! Crypto pricing you can vote on!t.b.d.Ftso
FTSO AUWe provide accurate and reliable price feeds to the Flare Network and a transparent, incentivised, risk-free delegation service. We do so by leveraging the distributed nature of the network and its participants. FTSO AU are an active member of the Flare Network ecosystem.AustraliaFTSO.com.au
FTSO.comOur core objective is to develop an algorithm that delivers real-time, high-integrity pricing indices.t.b.d.FTSO.com
FTSO.devYou can view the live prices that the FSTO.dev Oracle will submit to the Flare Network.t.b.d.FTSO.dev
FTSO.euWe are an European based Signal Service Provider on the Flare Network.
We collect latest price ticker from multiple data sources (exchanges, dex and defi).
We are a team of four experienced Italian IT specialists who have estabilished presence and contacts with members and devs of the Flare community.
FTSO.ggDelegation of your vote to FTSO.gg involves no risk to your Spark (FLR) tokens. Your Spark Tokens never leave your wallet when using an FTSO service. Users of the Flare Network who hold Spark (FLR) might not be able or want to run the hardware needed to participate directly in providing data to the FTSO and participating in Flare Network governance. Therefore the votes can be delegated to an FTSO service such as FTSO.GG will vote for you in return for a share of the Flare Time Series Oracle rewards. The delegation may be canceled at any point by simply transferring your Spark Tokens from one address to another on the Flare Network. Such action automatically cancels delegation because the voting rights go with the token.t.b.d.FTSO.gg
FTSO UKFTSO.ukFTSOuk is a distributive technology service that enables fast, scalable solutions for projects that need to access, utilise and build connected systems on the Flare Network.United KingdomFTSO.uk
Gala Games FTSO flareGala.GamesWe are delighted to announce that the Gala Games Node Network is going to be helping to support the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) as a decentralized data provider.t.b.d.GalaGames
FTSO Nordics Flare NetworkScandiNodes.comWe are proud to be a part of Flare Networks. We have a responsibility and take our role as a signal provider and agent very serious.
We do not only provide data estimates. We provide good estimates, for maximum returns.
Delegate your votes to us and we will provide honest votes. Maximizing your reward.
TOWO Labs FTSOTowoLabs.comWe'll be running a Flare oracle service, submitting robust and volume-weighted prices to the FTSO. From around June 2021, Spark $FLR holders will be able to delegate their tokens to our oracle service and earn yield.United StatesTowoLabs.com
FTSO USFTSO.USFTSO_US is the premier US Based price provider to the Flare Time Series Oracle. Earn yield on your Spark tokens without risking them with third parties.
The safest way to earn yield, period. FTSO_US
United StatesFTSO.US
Pac Protocol.comPAC Protocol is excited to announce that it will be enabling PAC nodes to participate on the Flare network. PAC will structure a decentralized “Data Provider” on Flare that uses the PAC master node system to aggregate and submit price data to the Flare Network.🌐t.b.d.Pac Protocol
FTSO FinanceFTSO FinanceFTSO.Finance is being built on high-performance Cloud infrastructure with the best design practices and cutting-edge technology. Our mission is to bridge our Physical World with decetralised Flare Network by providing accurate off-chain Time Series data estimates. Oracle rewards that we collect will be split into two parts. Majority of funds acquired will be redistributed back to our voter participants and a smaller part will be deducted as FTSO fee.t.b.d.FTSO Finance